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Consonant Visualizer is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8

OralNasal Mask
Consonant Visualizer Software

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Consonant Visualizer System

The Consonant Visualizer System COV-1 measures and displays oral airflow and voicing audio during consonants. Except for the class of consonants termed sonorants (such as /l/ or /r/ and /w/ in English), consonants are produced with some combination of one or more constrictions in the vocal tract, adduction or abduction of the vocal folds from the adjustment for normal voicing, redirection of the breath stream into the nasal passageway, and, in some languages, expansion or compression of a vocal tract chamber, as in clicks, implosives and ejectives. Most of these features of consonant production can be visualized from a display of the oral or nasal airflow and simultaneous audio. The Consonant Visualizer System, has been designed to make clear the relationships between the airflow and audio and the articulatory mechanism being used. The Consonant Visualizer System uses the two screens pictured below: a Practice screen providing a real-time display for speech training applications, and a Compare-to-Model screen that allows the user to record speech sounds or phrases, play them back to hear them, graphically represent them and, with both sight and sound, compare them to model productions or previous student efforts. Voicing is in green, with dark green, indicating a stop closure. Aspirated and unaspirated unvoiced stops and voiced stops are all readily differentiable. Improper pronunciations can be readily differentiated.

Practice screen shown

Compare to Model screen shown


  • Manual
  • Catalog
  • Links to external websites (if any; Dr. Rothenberg’s site, white papers, etc)
  • Information about older CV Mask
  • FAQs

    1. Does the OroNasal have to be set up?
    No special setup is needed. Depending on the configuration that you need, the screen rings and pressure transducers have to be attached to the Mask and/or the Handle and once connected to the Destop/Laptop, via USB, it is ready to be used with its associated software.

    2. Can I buy only the OroNasal Mask?
    Yes, you can buy the OroNasal Mask without purchasing a complimentary software package. However, the OroNasal Mask works best when used with Glottal Enterprises compatible software; such as the NVS System or the Waveview system.

    3. Which should I use: the Separator Handle, or the OroNasal Mask?
    The Separator Handle and the OroNasal Mask have different purposes. While some systems, such as the NVS, can use both, the instruction manual for each software provides more information on which system to use. If you are unsure, or would like more information on which system you could use, please contact use for more information and guidance.

    4. Will I receive both the Adult and Child sizes when I buy the Mask?
    This depends upon which system package you buy. Please see the Catalog for more information. You may, however, choose to specify and purchase either size at your discretion depending upon your needs and patient population.

    5. I have allergies; will the OroNasal mask be ok for me?
    The OroNasal Mask is made of biocompatible, non-allergenic materials. More information about the material used is available in the Device Specifications tab.

    6. How do I store and handle the OroNasal Mask?
    The OroNasal mask must be stored in a cool, dry place. Before use, it is suggested that the Mask be disinfected using the disinfection protocols at your clinic. The Mask may be cleaned using a soft, disinfectant wipe. Or, the Mask and the screen rings can be washed in warm soapy water. The screen rings must be checked for dirt and particles before use. They can be cleaned with water and soap, or disinfecting alcohol. A canned air system may also be used for this purpose. A slight yellowing of the material is expected over the lifetime of the device. This does not affect performance or the efficiency of the Mask. To slow down this process, it is advisable to cover the Mask and place it out of direct sunlight and other light when not in use. Further instructions for use are available in the manual.


    Please see NVS, Aeroview, and Waveview pages for more information about the student demo versions of compatible software.

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