Introducing Technology into Speech Therapy
Speech, Voice, and Singing Therapy involves a trusting relationship between the therapist and the client. Along with perceptual assessment, that has long been the
gold-standard for the industry, advances in technology now allow the therapist to make objective voice measurements.

Using a GLE product suite in your therapy may allow you to:

  • Enhance your therapy by helping set baselines, key milestones and goals, and setting follow-up goals,
  • Help clients visualize their problems and progress,
  • Create “take-home” practice sessions,
  • Collect data on the effectiveness of your therapy programs and therapists
  • Collect objective data in clinical settings,
  • Backup any ASHA National Outcomes Measurement System (NOMS) reporting that you might undertake,
  • Fulfill your Medicare Part B Therapy Services Outcomes Reporting requirements.

  • The use of technology in the analysis and diagnosis stage, and the treatment of speech and voice disorders allow you to work easily with clients who speak different languages, who operate at different levels of comprehension or those who require motivation.

    Producing objective measurements for third-party use
    GLE’s products allow you to record, measure, display and archive objective, easily-interpreted results. The products allow measurable results in many important areas such as nasality, sub-glottal pressure (breath support), and articulation.

    As more speech therapy programs get covered by insurance programs, showing objective measurements of progress may carry equal weight with perceptual assessment as well help prove intervention effectiveness. These results may be shared and duplicated by other specialists and service providers, allowing for coordinated, cross-specialty collaborations.

    Medicare Part B (?)

    Products & Therapies

    Cleft Palate Therapy

  • Nasal Emission
  • Nasality

  • Hard-of-Hearing
  • Nasality

  • Articulation
  • Consonant Visualizer
  • sVisualizer

  • Recommended Configurations

    Total Lab Package: (Recommended for Clinics that offer therapy in multiple areas)

  • NVS – (NAS & NEM)
  • PG-20
  • sVisualizer
  • Consonant Visualizer

  • Visualization Package:
  • NAS
  • NEM
  • sVisualizer
  • Consonant Visualizer

  • Cleft Palate Package
  • NAS
  • NEM

  • Health Care Facility Package
  • EGG
  • PG-20
  • NVS
  • Aeroview Pro
  • Dualview Pro
  • Waveview Pro

  • Education and Training Resources



    Published Resources:

    Free Demo Software


    1. I use iPad based apps, do I still require a GLE product?
    Yes. iPad based apps help in supporting therapy. GLE products offer an objective way to measure progress, set goals and baselines and visualize the dynamics of voice and speech.

    2. Do I need special training to know how to use a GLE Product?
    Some GLE products, such as the EG2-PCX2 (EGG) require knowledge of the science of Speech and Voice. These products are best used by a qualified Speech Language Therapist. Some GLE products are simple enough to be used for practice by home users or others. For example, a PG-100 may be used by voice and singing coaches or the sVisualizer, which can be used by home users.

    3. What kind of client/student responds best to a GLE product?
    Age: When used for diagnosis, GLE products are recommended for most Speech Therapy clients who are 4(?) years and above. They are not meant for use on neonatal or infant patients. Use of GLE products on children must be supervised by a caregiver or trained personnel at all times. In therapy for: GLE products may be used for therapy and diagnosis for a wide range of ailments and conditions. The precise, colorful visual display of airflow and speech patterns can help users of all ages with real-time feedback, and with setting objective, attainable goals in their therapy. The software is also very helpful in demonstrating ideal, and current, speech and airflow patterns to those who have no proprioceptive feedback.

    4. How can I incorporate a GLE Product into my therapy program?
    Many of GLE’s products can be used for real-time display of speech and voice. For example, some of GLE’s products can be used to diagnose root causes of speech or voice ailments. For example, the EG2-PCX2, an Electroglottograph, may be used to ________. While often used by researchers, a large clinic may want to use the EG2-PCX2 to ____. Or, for example, an SLP in a hospital may want to use the PG20 as a part of a diagnosis, for accident victims or post-surgery patients, to establish whether a low volume in speech is due to physiological factors or psychological factors.

    5. Can I send any of the GLE products home with my clients for practice/homeuse?
    GLE products are not indicated for unsupervised home use. However, they may be used in a home setting under supervision of a qualified practitioner or caregiver.

    6. Where I can find resources for use during therapy, or for my clients to take home to practice?
    Individual resources for each product are available on the product page. However, these resources also offer a lot of pertinent information.

    7. My clientele is a non-English speaking one, how will I find the appropriate resources to work with a GLE product?

    8. Can I schedule a demonstration? Where can I find more information about the products?
    Glottal’s product catalog can be found here. A number of our product videos are available on our Youtube channel. If you are geographically close to us, a demonstration of our complete lab packages might be possible; or, if you would like more information about our product, please contact us.

    9. How can I tell that a GLE product is working right?
    GLE products work as diagnostic equipment and as a therapy aid. When used as a therapy aid, setting achievable targets and progress milestones depends upon the client’s motivation and capabilities. GLE provides an objective, precise way to calculate progress and accomplishments. All GLE products are tested at our manufacturing facility before they are sold, and all our products are covered by a one year warranty. GLE offers full technical support during the warranty period and for the lifetime of the device. Should you have any doubts about the efficiency and calibration of the equipment during its lifetime, Glottal Enterprises provides technical support at affordable prices to customers around the world.