System Components

EG2-PCX2 Two-channel electroglottograph with microphone input and preamplifier, and simultaneous EGG/Audio output for a PC sound card

PhaseComp Software

PhaseComp software is included free with the purchase of an EG2-PCX. The PhaseComp program for processing electroglottograph (EGG) signals can perform a number of important functions in optimizing the use of an EGG. It will work with an electroglottograph waveform from any make of EGG that is recorded on one channel of the standard WAV stereo audio format. The functions that can be performed by PhaseComp include:

1. Recording, storing and displaying waveforms in conjunction with a second signal, nominally from a microphone.

2. Optimizing the amplitude of the waveform to make best use of the amplitude range of the computer's signal processing.

3. Delaying an electroglottograph signal relative to an audio or airflow signal recorded on the second channel, in order to improve the time synchronization.

4. Reducing the low frequency phase distortion inherent in EGG signals.

5. Reducing low frequency noise or artifacts caused by articulatory movements.

6. Estimating the open and closed quotients of the vocal fold oscillatory cycle from the EGG waveform, as well as the voice fundamental frequency F0.

Shown below is a typical PhaseComp screen from a female voice, with a microphone signal on Channel A and an EGG signal on Channel B. The measurement lines between the green and red cursors were inserted automatically by the program, and the results of the automated calculations made by the program on the EGG waveform are shown in the rectangular box at the lower right.

PhaseComp Screenshot